Code of Conduct

Introduction: The Sutlej College of Allied health Sciences is fulfilling its responsibility of graduating culturally enlightened, technologically knowledgeable, academically competent, and research oriented productive citizens who are prepared to lead, inspire, and serve humanity. SCAHS believes that the regulations, guidelines, and safeguards described Herein are indispensable features to maintaining and academic environment commensurate with the teaching , learning and development endeavors of the Sutlej college of Allied health Sciences community.

Definitions of Terms:- Managing Director

Means a person who is the Owner/ Managing Director board of directors/ Head of Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences and has rights of all the decision about Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences. Have the supreme authority about all the college regulations, policies & appointments.


Means a person who is appointed by Managing Director.


Means any currently enrolled person for whom the institution maintains educational records, as defined by the College Regulations.


Means a person who makes a complaint or reports a violation of the Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences code of conduct or College regulations and policies.

Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences Official:

Means a person employed by the College in an administrative, supervisory, academic, research, or sports, grounds.

Academic Dishonesty:

Academic Dishonesty is an act of fraud, which may include Misrepresentation, deceit, falsification, or trickery or any kind that is done by the Student with the purpose, intent, or expectation of influencing a grade or other Academic Evaluation. Academic Dishonesty also includes forgery and falsification of college academic documents, intentionally impending or damaging the academic work or other, or assisting other, or academically dishonest behavior includes, but are not limited to the following.
a):- Cheating
Intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information; or study aids in any academic exercise: copying from another student’s examination; submitting work prepared in advance for an in- class examination: taking an examination of another person or conspiring to do so.
b:-Unfair Means:
use of unfair means generally covers following:-
I). An attempt to have access to the question before the test/ examination
ii). Use/ possession of unauthorized reference material during test/ examination.
iii). Any from of communication by the examines with any one in or outside the test examination room whiles the test / examination is in progress.

Moral Dishonesty:

Moral Dishonesty means act which does not confirm to known norms of decency_
1: Extension of the Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences code of conduct:
Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences code of conduct applies to conduct that occurs on the college premises a Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences sponsored activities, and to off- campus conduct the adversely affects the college reputation and / or the pursuits of his objectives. Each member of the college shall be responsible for his or her conduct.

2: Class room standards:
The individual faculty member is primarily responsible for managing the classroom environment. If a student engages in any prohibited or unlawful acts or other behavior the results in disruption of a class, he or she may be directed by the faculty member to leave the class for the remainder of the class period. Student must be protected against infringement of their rights and unfair practice.

3: Identification/ Registration:

  • Each member of the Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences Community is issued a picture identification / Registration card or Visitor’s Pass, and must ware it all times while on Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences Premises.
  • Identification / Registration cards are no transferable. The owner of the card will be called upon to account for any fraudulent use of his or her identification card and will be subjected to disciplinary action by the Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences if he or she has aided such fraudulent use. The card will be forfeited if the student to whom it was issued allows any other person to use the same.
  • Upon card- owner’s withdrawal form the Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences, all right and Privileges related to the identification card automatically cease. If the student withdraws, or is suspended or expelled. from the college , the identification card must be surrendered to the college / Institute.


Theft , or attempted theft, of property or services on Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences Premises or S.C.A.H.S -Sponsored activities.
Non Compliance with official direction:
Failure or comply with reasonable direction of S.C.A.H.S officials action in performance of their duties is considered against the discipline and is punishable.
Violation of Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences Regulations & Polices:
Violation Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences regulations or policies including amendments and additions adopted since the publication date.
Unauthorized Access to facilities:
Unauthorized Access or entry to , or use of S.C.A.H facilities and equipment. unauthorized possession, duplication or use of keys to any college premises, equipment; or unauthorized entry to or use or S.C.A.H premises.


Bringing an animal into college buildings, with the exception of animals used for authorized laboratory purposes, or animals being used for security purposes for which express permission has been granted.

Dress Code:

  • In order to maintain academic dignity and sanctity of the institution, students and staff of the S.C.A.H.S are required wear decent dress keeping in view the local cultural values.
  • The dress restrictions are not to impose any rigidity or regimenting but are in accordance with the spirit of discipline and punctuality which is the cardinal aspect of life style at Sutlej College.
  • Purpose of dress code is established basic guide line for appropriate work dress that promotes a positive image of S.C.A.H.S and also allow maximum flexibility to maintain good morals, respects, cultural values and due consideration safety while working at laboratories to abide by students dress code , students should not:
    a). Wear tight or see-through dress
    b). Wear shots or sleeveless shirts.
    c). Wear tee- shirts dress language or art, which appears to be provocative or in descent and is likely to often others.
    d). Wear torn clothing.
    e). Wear jogging or exercise clothing during classes.
    f). Put on excessive make up or wear expansive jewelry.
    g). Wear untidy, gaudy or immodest dress in classroom. cafeteria and S.C.A.H.S Office.
    h). Wear unprofessional attire in formal programs and interview