Introduction of SCAHS

Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences (SCAHS) Bahawalpur started its journey in 2019 to meet the economical and health challenges in the Southern region of Punjab. In this region of the country, a huge population exists with relatively less job opportunity, and among jobholders\\’ number of skillful population further declines. In such circumstances, the availability of experts, especially in the field of health in the far-flung areas is very difficult.

SO, there was a dire need to establish a reputable allied health sciences institute to fulfill the requirement of the ever-changing era. Hence the establishment of Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences with the paramount objective of providing quality education and training in the field of Allied Health Sciences became essential.

Sutlej College of Allied Health Sciences is aware of its responsibility in providing quality education and making every effort to retain excellence. In this regard, SCAHS is signing a memorandum of understanding with different hospitals and laboratories where students of SCAHS can get the technical expertise under the supervision of world-class experts and equipment. These efforts make us develop a rich pool of human resources that will in return benefit the health care field of Pakistan and the whole world ultimately.