Physical therapy is a dynamic healthcare profession with a strong theoretical and research-based scientific foundation. It primarily focuses on the patients that have musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiopulmonary, vestibular, and integumentary systems’ impairments leading to functional disabilities. It also focuses on the method of evaluating functions of these systems and on the selection and application of appropriate therapeutic interventions to alleviate pain; eliminate impairments; maintain, improve, or restore function; and prevent dysfunction. Additionally, the field of physical therapy is well developed in specializations such as sports physical therapy; women’s health; prosthetics and orthotics; lymphedema, and burns/wound care.

Physical therapists work closely with all healthcare professionals in providing care to patients. They work in all settings including acute, sub-acute, chronic, inpatient, and out-patient facilities. Physical therapists have an elaborate role in the treatment of pediatric and geriatric populations that have movement dysfunctions. The profession of Physical therapy has enormously developed within the last few decades throughout the world. In Pakistan, we are also pursuing the higher standards of education set forth worldwide. Doctor of Physical Therapy’s curriculum has been developed while keeping in lieu of the requirements posed by international practice standards. There is a large research component built into the curriculum to keep up with the evidence-based physical therapy practice.